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In our area, cockroaches are one of the worst pests you could ever encounter. They’re nasty, dangerous, and destructive. Once you’ve found these pests in your home, it is pertinent to take steps to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. Cockroaches have to be dealt with quickly. Otherwise, you’re going to experience severe repercussions. Our technicians are eager to help. We offer the latest cockroach treatments and will protect you during each phase of the process.

Although the world is home to more than 4,000 cockroach species, only 30 live in residential structures. Nevertheless, these 30 species can create immense issues for homeowners. Start by identifying the species before tackling the problem. We’ll help.

Cockroaches Living In Our City

In our city, you’re going to encounter several cockroaches. Some are more common than others. The most common species in our area can be found below.

German Cockroaches

Locals are going to encounter German cockroaches since the most common pests in our area. At the maximum size, they can grow over half an inch. One thing that sets them apart from other cockroaches is their racing stripes. They’re found on the back of the cockroach’s head. German cockroaches breed prolifically. It is common for a female to lay as many as 40 eggs per capsule. She’ll lay as many as 5 capsules during her life. Once they’re in your home, the infestation will quickly worsen. Look under your warm appliances because these cockroaches will be hiding there.

American Cockroaches

At 2 inches, the American cockroach is one of the biggest cockroaches in our city. They’re reddish-brown and have a dark spot on the back of their head. Besides being the largest common cockroach, it can fly. Unfortunately, this is a troubling combination for locals. American cockroaches approach properties that have busted sewer pipes and dried plumbing traps. It takes them a long time to mature so it can take a while for them to infest your dwelling.

Besides the German cockroach and American cockroach, you’re also going to encounter Surinam cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, and Pennsylvania wood cockroaches.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

Although they belong to the same species, male and female Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are immensely different. The females only reach three-quarters of an inch while the males are larger. They’re native to the Eastern United States but can often be found in our area. They tend to approach homes with wood shingles, blocked gutters, and woodpiles. The good news is that they’re not pests often.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

The Spotted Mediterranean Cockroach is one of the smallest cockroaches in our area. It is only a third of an inch. Nevertheless, an infestation can create a big problem. These cockroaches are native to Europe although they’ve been in the United States for a long time. They may enter homes, but they usually don’t reproduce inside.

Oriental Cockroaches

Female oriental cockroaches are smaller than males and they never develop wings. Adults can grow over an inch. Oriental cockroaches have a lot in common with American cockroaches. Both like infesting sewer systems and old buildings in downtown areas. The primary difference is that oriental cockroaches are often found out in cold weather. They’ll stay outside and eat garbage and feces.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

The smokey brown cockroach is an inch and a half at the maximum. They’re commonly found in our area. They’re reddish-brown with a shiny hue. They often travel in boxes and shipping containers. They’re one color so they’re unique from American cockroaches.

Surinam Cockroaches

Surinam cockroaches are all female. The species will not have male cockroaches. They’re almost an inch in length and prefer warm weather. Therefore, it is uncommon for Surinam cockroaches to travel too far north. Since all these cockroaches are female, they’re going to give live birth once the eggs have hatched.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are half an inch. In terms of color, they’re either light brown or tan. They are often mistaken for the German cockroach since both are similar in appearance. However, you can easily spot the difference because the German cockroach has racing stripes. The brown-banded cockroach does not.

Why Are they In Your Home?

Why are cockroaches on your property and in your home? Ultimately, you can’t find out until you identify the species. After you’ve done that, you’ll have a much better idea. Cockroaches may enter a home to search for food and warmth. Others may be looking for a way to sneak into the nearby sewer system.

Cockroach Health Dangers

A cockroach infestation will prove to be incredibly dangerous because these pests can make people sick. Once the cockroaches invade your home, they’re going to begin reproducing. As the infestation gets bigger, the risks are going to be much higher. It is pertinent to get rid of them before you face severe repercussions. Cockroaches make people sick by transmitting illnesses, but they don’t sting or bite. These pests are regularly linked to outbreaks of salmonella. They can also make a person’s asthma symptoms worse. Since they’re going to crawl through trash and feces, they can contaminate your food. Get rid of them to avoid such problems.

Tips For Removing Cockroaches

Cockroaches can create serious problems for homeowners. Therefore, you cannot delay rectifying the problem. Working with an exterminator is the best way to fix the problem without risks. Cockroaches are elusive and difficult to handle. Therefore, it may be too hard for ordinary consumers to handle the problem without help. Using DIY methods could be dangerous since some of these products contain dangerous materials. Call a professional so they can take care of the problem while keeping you safe.

When Can You Arrive?

We’re eager to begin helping you. After your initial call, we’ll phone you within 48 hours.

Only The Safest Cockroach Solutions

Our technicians are adamant they want to provide you with the safest cockroach treatments. We never use toxic materials in our clients’ homes because we want to keep them safe. We always work diligently to protect our clients. One way we do this is by using EPA-approved products. These methods have proven to be safe and reliable. Let us resolve the problem for you so you can stay safe during each phase of the process.

Preventing Future Invasions Of Cockroaches

Try to keep cockroaches out of your home so you won’t have to deal with them again. Keep your home clean by dealing with messes swiftly. Seal small gaps found around your outer walls so they cannot find a way to sneak inside. Remember that cockroaches could invade at any minute. Therefore, you should be ready to call. When you see them, notify us.

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