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The bed bug, a notorious parasitic insect, is a determined insect species. In fact, the bed bug is so determined, it will do just about anything to survive outside its natural habitat. With the need for blood meals, the tiny parasite must choose between death and survival, with the latter being the more preferred. Unlike most household pests – the rat, mouse, cockroach, and ant – the bed bug is carried into the home by an unaware guest.

Bed bugs do not have a preference when it comes to properties. As long as a human is accessible, the insects will not need to choose between the two options. Establishments frequented by a large volume of guests coming and going have reported bed bug infestation. Homeless shelters, medical centers, college dorms, subway stations, nursing homes, and daycares are just a few examples.

How To Treat Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug treatments are divided into two categories – professional and do-it-yourself. Professional bed bug management includes pesticides and eco-friendly treatments of the maximum potency. Do-it-yourself bed bug control includes over-the-counter pesticides and eco-friendly treatments, all standard strength.

Both professional and do-it-yourself pest control is effective, but only the former is suitable for pest infestation. Over-the-counter pesticides have limitations when it comes to treating specific pest species.

Are Bed Bug Pest Control Products Eco-Friendly?

There are eco-friendly pest control products like organic and natural pesticides. Our specialized eco-friendly bed bug treatments include:

  • Cryonite (utilizes temperatures below 212 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Thermal heat (utilizes temperatures over 118 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Steam (utilizes temperatures between 160- and 180-degrees Fahrenheit)

It is possible to kill bed bugs on contact, with any of these eco-friendly treatments. However, this is not an option for bed bugs hiding deep inside tiny crevices in bed frames, bedside tables, hardwood flooring, baseboards, floorboards, and hanging décor.

The greatest benefit of these eco-friendly treatments is their penetrating capabilities. Cryonite, steam, and thermal heat can permeate various materials and structures. This capability allows the treatment to access hard-to-reach bed bug hiding places.

When Will A Pest Control Technician Be Available For A Bed Bug Inspection?

Our customer support will begin processing your bed bug inspection request immediately upon receiving it. A representative will reach out to you to set up an appointment for the inspection within 24 and 48 hours of the submission.

What Is The Most Effective Bed Bug Prevention Strategy?

Bed bug prevention begins before the encounter. Bed bug encounters are more common in travel accommodations than in any other facility. Guests report bed bug sightings to management more often than not. Contrary to belief, all travel accommodations have reported bed bug infestation at least once. When there is a large volume of people coming and going, bed bugs will often become problematic. Regardless of prevention, hotels, bed & breakfasts, country inns, and motels are always under a bed bug threat.

The best and only way to avoid bed bugs when visiting hotels is through a visual inspection. First, assess the room from the entrance door. If no signs of bed bugs are noted during the assessment, move further into the room for a more thorough inspection.

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