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While all residential pests are problematic, it is hard to match mice, rats, and rodents. These pests will create a wealth of problems for modern residents. You cannot ignore the problem since mice and rats can create serious problems for locals. Once they’ve invaded your home, there is a risk that someone is going to get sick. These pests spread numerous illnesses while also destroying structures. Prevent this from happening by calling us and letting us remove these pests for you. It is pertinent to verify the infestation as quickly as possible.

The best way to do that is by checking your home for rodent feces and structural damage. If you find small, black debris around your home, it could be rodent feces. Call a professional so they can remove the rodents from your home as quickly as possible. We’re always ready to help.

Identifying Rodent Infestations

It can be difficult to positively identify a rodent infestation during the early stages. The easiest way to do this is by looking for rodent droppings around your home. They look like small, black pieces of rice. Plus, they’re going to release a musty odor. If you find rodent feces in your home, you likely have rodents in your home. Don’t forget to check for damage to your drywall too.

What Causes Rodent Infestations?

You’re likely curious to find out why rodents are going to invade your home. Ultimately, they want to enter your home so they can eat your food and drink your water. These pests aim to enter your home so they can thrive and survive. They’ll do so by squeezing through a hole that is only a quarter in diameter. They often enter in the strangest places, so you need to be ready for them.

Mice And Rodent Dangers

Rodents can indeed be dangerous to people and pets. It would be unwise to ignore the infestation because doing so could lead to major issues in the long run. These pests can spread a handful of serious illnesses, including Hantavirus, Lassa Fever, Plague, Rat-Bite Fever, and Leptospirosis. They can also make a person’s asthma worse. If you have trouble breathing, you must remove the rodents from your home right away. Another problem is that these pests are going to damage your belongings. They can tear through your baseboards, food containers, and other items.

It doesn’t help that they need to cut their front teeth short. To achieve this goal, they’ll constantly chew. In some cases, they’ll chew through electrical cables and create a fire.

Primary Rodent Concerns

  • Rodents will contaminate your food and make you sick.
  • These pests are going to spread serious illnesses, including swine dysentery, salmonella, and Hantavirus.
  • Rodents will damage your belongings to keep their front teeth short.
  • They can cause an electrical fire by chewing through electrical wires.

Eliminating Rodents

At the end of the day, you must work swiftly to get rid of the rodents. Letting them stay in your home any longer will increase the risks. Rodents are difficult to handle because they’re quick. You don’t want to pick them up with your bare hands. It is wise to let a professional handle it for you. Doing so is the safest and most convenient way to resolve the problem. A professional will deliver reliable results with fewer risks. Call us so we can remove the rodents from your home as quickly as possible.

Quick Turnaround

We aim to provide our clients with the quickest turnaround. We’ll respond to your initial call in 24 to 48 hours. Call today to get started tomorrow.

Safe Rodent Removals

We are going to provide our clients with safe solutions. When you pick us as your exterminator, you can guarantee that we’re going to protect you to the fullest. For instance, we’ll fix the problem using the latest EPA-approved products. We’ll tell you more about our services before giving you advice for staying safe during the treatment procedure.

Preventing Rodents From Invading Your Residence

Rodents can be difficult to handle without a professional. It is often easier to keep these pests out of your home. If you can do this, you can minimize the risks involved and avoid paying for professional services. Maintain a pest-free home by making it harder for these pests to invade. Start by installing rodent-proofing materials around your dwelling. These materials should be installed on your doorways. Once you’ve done this, focus on sealing the small holes around your property. Don’t forget to properly store your food products. If rodents can find food in your home, they’ll enter and stay.

  • Seal any small cracks and gaps you find around your home.
  • Your trash needs to be taken out at least once a day.
  • Store all your food products in airtight containers.
  • Deal with spills immediately.
  • Call us when you find rodents in your home.

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