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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

At some point, you might worry that bedbugs have decided to invade your residence. If they’ve entered your home, it is pertinent to do something about it promptly. However, you can’t do anything until you’ve confirmed it. You’ll need to check the common hiding places below. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know whether these pests are living in your home.

Common Places Where Bedbugs Hide

When it comes to bedbugs, you can guarantee that these pests are going to hide in the same place regularly. It is pertinent to check these places first since you’ll likely find them there.

Your Bed

First and foremost, you should start by checking your bed. When dealing with an infestation, the majority of bedbugs are going to hide on your bed. They can be found on your mattress and box spring. You’ll need to check both carefully. Since most of the bedbugs are going to be found on your mattress and box spring, start here before moving on.

Bed Frame

Once you’ve checked the mattress and box spring, begin checking the bed frame. It is a good idea to use a flashback because this will make it easier to see them. These pests are reddish-brown so they’re going to be difficult to see on the frame. Look carefully so you can find them before the infestation worsens.


Don’t forget that bedbugs are going to hide on your sheets and covers too. They usually don’t move here until the infestation has worsened and the bedbug population has grown. You won’t have any trouble spotting them on your covers. They’re easier to see here.


Carpets and rugs can make your home more comfortable and warmer. Still, there are certain issues linked to rugs and carpets. They’re harder to clean. Plus, they could be hiding places for the bedbugs in your dwelling. If you have bedbugs, there is a good chance they’re hiding on your rugs. Move the fibers around and look at the bottom of the carpet. You might spot a few bedbugs there.

Upholstered Furniture

You’ll also need to search your upholstered furniture thoroughly. Bedbugs regularly hide on furniture because it gives them plenty of viable hiding spots. They’ll start with couches and move to recliners. They can hide between the cushions and materials. You’ll also find them underneath the furniture in question. If the furniture is reddish-brown, it’ll be harder to spot these bugs. While these are their favorite hiding places, there will be more. They can also hide in electronic devices, suitcases, and elsewhere.

Where Else Do They Hide?

Bedbugs can hide elsewhere in your home too. They’ll hide in your wall decorations, novels, luggage, and elsewhere.


If you suspect you have bedbugs, you’ll need to check your luggage carefully. They could be hiding in your bag. Bedbugs tend to hide in motels before moving into the bags of unsuspecting tourists. After this happens, the bedbugs are going to ride home with you. Some will move to better hiding places while others will stay in your luggage. Check it carefully to make sure bedbugs are not hiding there.

Hanging Wall Decorations

Hanging wall decorations are great hiding places for bedbugs. Bedbugs can easily climb your wall. When doing so, they may stop and hide behind your pictures, paintings, and other wall decorations. Check behind these items because you might find bedbugs there.

Your Books

While you like reading books, bedbugs like hiding in those books. Your novels offer many great hiding places, including between the spine and binding. Bedbugs may also be hiding behind the protective cover. Books close to your bed will be more likely to become hiding places for bedbugs.

Bedroom Nightstands

Having a nightstand in your bedroom offers convenience, but it could come at a cost. For instance, bedbugs might take shelter in your nightstand. Bedbugs can be found in the corners, in the corners, and under the nightstand.


Finally, you might find bedbugs hiding in your electronic devices. It sounds crazy, but it happens. Take your alarm clock as an example. The clock likely has a few slots that are big enough for the bugs to slip through. Once they’ve done that, they’ll hide among the internal components until you go to sleep. Bedbugs prefer electronics close to your bed, so your alarm clock is a good target. They can also hide in computers, televisions, and other electronics. If you intend to store boxes under your bed, you need to do so carefully. Otherwise, the bedbugs in your home will climb into the boxes and hide there. Use durable boxes with strong lids. When doing this, you won’t have to worry about the bugs infiltrating your boxes. Remember that bedbugs can hide anywhere in your home. Therefore, you have to be ready for anything. Be ready to call our number so we can help you rectify a bedbug infestation before it is too late.

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